Adult Children of Narcissistic, Neglectful and Emotionally Immature Parents

Here's what you can expect in our six months together: 

Module 1: How you were left

  • Understand the ways you didn't get your needs met as a child and how that might be affecting you as an adult.
  • Build safety in the body and nervous system so you can finally be connected to yourself
  • Find the balance between empathy for yourself and others.
  • Learn easily digestible information on the most cutting edge nervous system healing methods.
  • Discern whether or not¬†your parent is emotionally immature or narcissistic. That will then inform the quality of the relationship you'll be able to have with them.
  • Wake the nervous system up from freeze and dissociation or being "off": flat, lethargic, exhausted, foggy, and disconnected from your vitality.
  • Address why it was dangerous to be connected to yourself as a kid and how to heal.¬†


Module 2: How you leave yourself 

  • Discover how you¬†internalized that experience of not getting your needs met in childhood and how that affects you as an adult.
  • Understanding people pleasing and self abandonment
  • How to attune to yourself.
  • Become gaslight-proof - from others AND yourself!
  • Understand the conflict mind as a way out of codependency and the narcissistic family structure - it's possible for you to heal and show up differently even if your family stays exactly the same. it's never too late for you to change and grow!
  • Connect with your inner world and younger unhealed parts of you - Reparenting made simple.
  • Healing the root of codependency.
  • How to deal with your family even if they're not doing the work!
  • How to have healthy, embodied boundaries - you can think about it for years and nothing will change. Learn how to get into your body so your boundaries are natural, intuitive and easy to implement.
  • Address chronic stress and anxiety at the root: the answer lies in your body.
  • Make it safe enough to be present.
  • Uncover the strategies you used to survive your childhood but may be negatively impacting you as an adult.¬†¬†¬†¬†


Module 3: Coming home to yourself

  • Become emotionally available to yourself?
  • Stop objectifying yourself -¬† learning to love yourself as a human being, not a human DOING.
  • Grief work around what you didn't get but should have as a child as well as the parts of you that were not loved because your parent(s) were emotionally stunted.
  • Conscious communication that nips codependency in the bud.
  • How to finally rest when you've worked so hard your entire life to get your needs met.¬†
  • Red flags in relationships.
  • Green flags in relationships.
  • Understanding your core values as a separate person from your narcissistic parent.
  • Understanding the gut/brain access and its crucial role in your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Acknowledging the gifts your parent gave you.
  • How to stay regulated and connected to yourself even when you're around your narcissistic or EI parent
  • Yoga Nidra for deep, relaxed brain states.
  • Trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness to build resilience and flexibility in the nervous system. A health nervous system is not one that is calm all the time but one that is flexible and resilient in the face of stress.

Adult Children of Narcissistic, Neglectful and Emotionally Immature Parents

From stressed, stuck and traumatized to whole, healed and highly effective

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