Somatic Embodiment Group

From stressed, stuck and traumatized to whole, healed and highly effective

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To learn more, apply here

If you’ve been stuck on ON: easily startled, racing thoughts that are difficult to control or turn off, struggling to relax and feeling flooded emotionally

Or stuck on OFF: flat, lethargic, exhausted, foggy, and disconnected from your vitality

Or some combination of both, you’re NOT alone and this group is for YOU!

Does any of this sound like you?

  1. You’re unable to move forward in your life and cognitive therapy and similar approachs that promote “mind over matter” or a “top-down” approach haven’t worked. 
  2. You’ve tried just about everything adn you’re still responding to life in the same habitual ways. You’re yearning for an overhaul. 
  3. You’ve spent years in talk therapy or coaching to no avail or you’ve hit a plateau, despite all the insight you might have. You’re at your wits end and need a more innovative approach to healing. 
  4. you’re motivated, smart, have a high emotional intelligence, a growth mindset and are willing to invest in yourself but can’t figure out why you’re still struggling so much. 

The Somatic Embodiment Group Experience will help you: 

  1. Rewire your brain and nervous system in a safe, gentle yet powerfully life-transforming way so that you are present, grounded, steady and stable yet alive, vibrant, focused, resilient, flexible and highly effective in every area of your life. 
  2. Improve your relationship with yourself and therefore others- develop the capacity for healthy, embodied boundaries that naturally come from your deepest inner wisdom and truth. Boundaries that nourish and honor you and the relationships you hold most dear. 
  3. Build greater capacity for healthy, deep intimacy with yourself and others. 
  4. Increase your resilience so you can move through life’s inevitable stressors and even traumas without getting stuck and developing trauma symptoms. Going through stressful or traumatic events does NOT mean you will develop symptoms if your nervous system is resilient enough. You can prevent them from getting stuck in your body and move through life with resilience and grace by learning the skills I will teach you in this group. 
  5. Actually move forward, stop repeating the same behaviors over and over again and create healthy, new lasting patterns to TRAUMA PROOF YOUR LIFE (yes its possible and I will show you how!). 


To learn more, apply here
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Apply Here

What you can expect in the Somatic Embodiment Process: 

  • Weekly somatic skill building sessions to build up the resilience, fluidity and rhythm in your system. These calls will take place Tuesdays at 5 pm PT for the November 2023 cohort. 
  • All cohorts have the same yoga + meditation times: Weekly 50-60 minute trauma-informed yoga classes, online via zoom. Wednesdays 9 am PT. Weekly trauma-informed  meditation class, online via zoom. Fridays at 1 pm PT for ~20 minutes. 
  • This is 2.5 hours a week or 10 hours a month of touch points with me, as opposed to the usual 1 hour/week or 4/month of therapy most people are in. In other words, this is truly an immersive experience if you let it be! 
  • Weekly handouts and worksheets to deepen and integrate your learning. 
  • Biweekly private, online check-in surveys to track your progress and to help me track your process- this allows you to share anything you need in a private setting that only I see.
  • 50% discounts on many of my online workshops.


  • A spot on my 1:1 waitlist. This group is now serving as my waitlist. I am only taking 1:1 clients from this group, even if you are a past client, as I am extremely full and because the work I do is described as so deeply transformational.
  •  It could be 4-6 months before a 1:1 spot might open up so being part of the group is the best way to secure a spot on my waitlist. 
  • Access to the recordings for a year from when you started (unless you stay on in the continuing education track- see below). 
  • 50% discount on my in-person somatic eco therapy hikes that happen ~quarterly in Bend, OR.
  • A free paid subscription to my Substack newsletter where I publish some of my most in-depth content on trauma, neuroscience and connection to self- for the duration of your time in any of my groups. 
  • Option to stay in the advanced somatic embodiment continuing education group after the six months at a discounted rate, which would allow you to continue to join the weekly yoga, meditation and advanced group’s weekly zoom and continue to access the recordings. 
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