How to know if you’re getting in your own way (+ a clear solution)

Aug 15, 2023

How do you know you’ll actually make progress in somatic trauma resolution therapy or therapy in general? Just because you’re in therapy doesn’t mean you’ll actually make progress.

Just because you say you want to change, doesn’t mean you actually will.

People say they want to change all the time, they call me and say their lives are in shambles, they’re at their wits end but when it comes time to invest the time, money and effort into themselves, they don’t do it. OR they invest time and money but engage in some of these other therapy-interfering behaviors and blame others around them for their lack of progress in their lives.

If you want things to change, even if you’re exhibiting some of these behaviors, you TOTALLY CAN HEAL and change your life! But you’ll need to get really honest with yourself and practice the solution I give consistently.

There are some CLEAR signs that you’re ready or not, plus a clear solution at the end so be sure to watch the whole video!

This video will also give you a good idea if you’re ready to work with me.

Somatic Embodiment group starts in FIVE days on May 22nd. If you’re ready to tackle these things and actually, finally make progress in your life, read about the group here and then send me an email to let me know you’re joining and we’ll get you all set up!


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