Embodied Grief and Loss Workshop with licensed therapist, Jenna Pacelli, LMFT, SEP

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Your broken heart is the doorway into aliveness, full-heartedness and vitality. 



You are invited into an apprenticeship with sorrow - on the other side is your deepest sense of self and your deepest presence with life. 



Grief is a sign your soul is awake. It takes outrageous courage to face outrageous loss. 


Spend 90 minutes with Jenna to learn embodiment skills and a new way of holding grief and loss.


If you're experiencing or feeling any of the following this workshop is for you:

-the loss of a loved one

-the loss of some part of yourself

-the loss of a part of your life that didn't go as planned

-feeling the sorrows of the world

-feeling the places in you that have not known love

-ancestral grief


Grief is one of the most important processes to be able to navigate in our lives. If we don't learn to face and be present with it, it will paradoxically condemn us to a life shadowed with grief unmet. Meeting grief with conscious awareness is actually what brings color, contrast and texture to the canvas of our lives. 

For being alive means facing loss. We live in a grief-phobic society without many spaces where we can feel and explore our grief in its fullness. This is the space to do so. 


Jenna is a licensed psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and trauma resolution expert. She has traversed the long, dark, rocky road of traumatic grief after the love of her life died suddenly and unexpectedly, changing her life forever. Her relationship to grief is a life-long endeavor. 


What our community says about working with Jenna

“My life felt like I was in a washing machine before working with Jenna and now I feel like I’m finally making progress. I have so much more energy during the week because I’m not so preoccupied with everything I’m working through. There’s a solid space with Jenna for me to process deeply."


"I’ve tried so many things and have had glimpses of peace but the change NEVER EVER lasted. The results of this work with Jenna are lasting and having such a huge impact on my life. I am so grateful."


"This is the first time I’ve actually been able to connect to my body in a way that felt good- ever. In my entire life. I was able to accomplish more in a year of work with Jenna than 10 years of traditional therapy combined.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up now - loss is a fact of life. Allow it to guide you to the deepest parts of yourself.  



Every mature culture has guided its people in this journey with grief. You can learn a deeper process to metabolizing grief and loss that most of us in the Western world were not taught. Grief, while is cannot be taken away, enriches your life if you can learn to embrace it rather than run from it.