Will I ever be good enough? Healing from maternal narcissism with Licensed Therapist, Jenna Pacelli, LMFT, SEP



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June 4, 2024 at 5 pm PT


June 25, 2024 at 4:30 pm PT



Were you raised by a neglectful, self-absorbed, emotionally abusive or neglectful mother who lacked empathy for you? 


Did you consistently feel a lack of emotional closeness with her? Did she only support the things that reflected well on her? Have you consistently questioned whether or not your mother loved you? 


Does she deny her own feelings and as a result, yours? Does she blame things on you rather than taking responsibility for her own feelings or behavior?  

Spend two hours with Jenna to learn how to heal from a mother like this. 

If you're experiencing or feeling any of the following this workshop is for you:

-You never feel good enough. 

-You feel unlovable. 

-You often feel empty. 

-You consistently doubt yourself. 

-You have low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth and it shows up in many areas of your life. 

-You often give to others but struggle to receive or are surrounded by people who only want to take from you. 

-You often feel numbed out to yourself and to life. 

-You consistently feel on edge, unsettled or guilty for just being you. If you succeed at something, you're scared to tell your mom for fear of how she'll treat you if you outshine her. 

-You tend to put the needs of others above your own even though you know better. 

-You have self-sabotaged a lot in your life. 

-You overwork and are a high achiever in just about every area of your life but perhaps can't shake the guilt that comes with success. 

-You're a perfectionist. 

-You consistently people please. 

-You feel disconnected from your intuition or when you've followed it before, it's led you into similarly abusive patterns in your adult relationships. 

-You fear abandonment or engulfed in your adult relationships. Healthy closeness and intimacy feel elusive. 

-You struggle to believe in yourself because your mom consistently undermined, criticized and competed with you. 

-You've spent a significant amount of time in talk therapy already trying to work through and process this. You've hit a wall and don't know if you'll ever heal at a deeper level to shift the symptoms above. 


Jenna is a licensed psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and trauma resolution expert. She has specialized, advanced training in developmental trauma and is a Certified Master NARM (Neuroaffective Relational Model) Therapist for the treatment of developmental trauma, borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. 

Here's what we'll cover in our time together:

-Why healing your nervous system is crucial for healing these patterns. Trauma lives in the body, not in the story. 

-The deeper impact of having a mother like this can have on your life. 

-The unique double binds that daughters are put in to deal with their mothers' emotional immaturity and the impact that can have on you as an adult. 

-How to heal your nervous system so your baseline is more often one of peace and less often of anxiety, depression, and other nervous system issues. 

-How to heal your relationship to yourself so you can finally stop re-enacting the abuse and emotional unavailability you suffered on yourself as an adult. 

-How to heal your self-worth after a childhood like this. 

-How to have healthy boundaries with your narcissistic mother. 

-How to stop people pleasing and live truer to yourself. 

-Learn how you can heal enough to have mutually fulfilling relationships. 

-Feel safe being vulnerable and trusting the RIGHT people. 

-Free up the energy you spend thinking about HER and invest it in yourself, YOUR life and the vision you have for yourself. 

What our community says about working with Jenna

“My life felt like I was in a washing machine before working with Jenna and now I feel like I’m finally making progress. I have so much more energy during the week because I’m not so preoccupied with everything I’m working through. There’s a solid space with Jenna for me to process deeply."


"I’ve tried so many things and have had glimpses of peace but the change NEVER EVER lasted. The results of this work with Jenna are lasting and having such a huge impact on my life. I am so grateful."


"This is the first time I’ve actually been able to connect to my body in a way that felt good- ever. In my entire life. I was able to accomplish more in a year of work with Jenna than 10 years of traditional therapy combined.”


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June 4 at 5 pm PT

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