$500.00 USD

6 monthly payments

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Somatic Embodiment 6 Monthly Payments of $500

Here's what you can expect in the SE experience:

  • Weekly somatic skill building sessions to build up the resilience, fluidity and rhythm in your system. These calls will take place Wednesdays at 10 am PT via zoom. 
  • Weekly 50-60 minute trauma-informed yoga classes, online via zoom. Wednesdays 9 am PT.
  • Weekly trauma-informed  meditation class, online via zoom. Fridays at 1 pm PT for ~20 minutes. 
  • This is 2.5 hours a week or 10 hours a month of touch points with me, as opposed to the usual 1 hour/week or 4/month of therapy most people are in. In other words, this is truly an immersive experience if you let it be! 
  • Weekly handouts and worksheets to deepen and integrate your learning. 
  • Weekly private, online check-in surveys to track your progress and to help me track your process- this allows you to share anything you need in a private setting that only I see. 
  • A spot on my 1:1 waitlist. This group is now serving as my waitlist. I am only taking 1:1 clients from this group, even if you are a past client, as I am extremely full and because the work I do is described as so deeply transformational.
  •  It could be 4-6 months before a 1:1 spot might open up so being part of the group is the best way to secure a spot on my waitlist. 
  • Access to the recordings for a year from when you started (unless you stay on in the continuing education track- see below). 
  • 50% discount on my in-person somatic eco therapy hikes that happen ~quarterly in Bend, OR. 
  • Option to stay in the advanced somatic embodiment continuing education group after the six months at a discounted rate, which would allow you to continue to join the weekly yoga, meditation and advanced group’s weekly zoom and continue to access the recordings. 

We can't wait to have you join us! 

What People Are Saying:

After being in this group (and I hesitated to join because I haven’t had positive experiences with group therapy in the past), I feel more internally organized, more confident and secure, lighter, calmer in group and around others and much more present in connection with others. I feel connected to my heart again when before I was dissociating, totally disconnected, self-medicating and suffering a LOT. I feel so much more excited, I’m smiling more, I’m gentler with myself and therefore others. I feel less judgmental, no longer panicked at bed and throughout the night, minimal night terrors and when I do I don’t get stuck, and I quit self medicating with substances. I’m experiencing significantly less dissociation, released and let go of relationships with avoidant people and a partner that wasn’t a good fit for me which had been SO hard to do in the past (I’d tried many times and just couldn’t stick to it before). I'm so glad I joined this group!


Before Somatic Embodiment, I have felt disconnected from my body my entire life even after being in therapy for many years. I've been in group for three months (only halfway through) and I feel I've created some major changes in my life. I can actually feel my body which is hard sometimes because it's not always pleasant but it's worth it because I'm so much more compassionate toward myself and am learning how to track my experiences better which has completely eradicated my panic attacks.


Holy sh!t! Stuff I THOUGHT I’d dealt with came up in a whole new way to ACTUALLY be opened up, reorganized and healed in a new, healthier way. I can see that so much of my life I’ve been everything others wanted me to be. These are things I’d explored with a spiritual teacher once but this is a much deeper realization. I could actually FEEL the shift rather than just be aware of it intellectually. Now I’m exploring who I am without all these defenses and masks I’ve worn my entire life to keep me safe. I have an embodied sense of SAFETY now such that I can be fully myself.


This work has liberated me ENTIRELY from all the trauma responses I was always having. There’s space now between the two pieces of velcro that held these responses together. Now I can let them go, my grip on them has loosened. I went from gripping to an open palm, open, receptive. I'm not interested in gripping onto some identity anymore- I’m open, free, liberated, at peace. It’s like I’ve let go of these emotional weights I’ve been carrying around my entire life. My body feels entirely connected all at the same time.


Learning how to be embodied and present in my life has allowed me to step out of a cycle of toxic, abusive relationships and into a healthier relationship than I’ve ever been in in my life. It’s completely flipped everything I learned growing up, even after years of therapy!


Somatic Embodiment with Jenna has helped me see, accept and hold boundaries around the ways I’m actually feeling. I can now connect the tension I’ve had to unmet wants and needs and then take more action on those things! I’m more okay with feeling things, see the trends and take the appropriate action. Before I’d have panic attacks, not know how I felt or what I needed and just generally felt out of control of my life. Now I can advocate for myself and working on holding boundaries.


I have a pattern of severe dissociation and this group has helped me! I'm remembering my dreams way more which I can't do when I'm in patterns of dissociation. I also feel way more connected to my inner world and my inner child which is helping me move forward in life.