$29.00 USD

Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Workshop 3/4/24 5 pm PT

Here's what we'll cover in our time together:

-Why healing your nervous system is crucial for healing these patterns. Trauma lives in the body, not in the story. 

-The deeper impact of having a mother like this can have on your life. 

-The unique double binds that daughters are put in to deal with their mothers' emotional immaturity and the impact that can have on you as an adult. 

-How to heal your nervous system so your baseline is more often one of peace and less often of anxiety, depression, and other nervous system issues. 

-How to heal your relationship to yourself so you can finally stop re-enacting the abuse and emotional unavailability you suffered on yourself as an adult. 

-How to heal your self-worth after a childhood like this. 

-How to have healthy boundaries with your narcissistic mother. 

-How to stop people pleasing and live truer to yourself. 

-Learn how you can heal enough to have mutually fulfilling relationships. 

-Feel safe being vulnerable and trusting the RIGHT people. 

-Free up the energy you spend thinking about HER and invest it in yourself, YOUR life and the vision you have for yourself.