Welcome to Resilience Not-So 101! 

Life can be difficult. It can be stressful.

We are often presented with things that seem to be outside our control or things we did not seem to ask for.

Sometimes the rug is pulled out entirely from under our feet. We lose our jobs. Our wife leaves us. A loved one or pet dies. And we struggle to cope in these moments and sometimes for months and years afterward.

The Mother, a French spiritual teacher that spent many years in India teaching, said the following: “Change yourself and the circumstances will change.” When I went through my own period of traumatic loss, I struggled a LOT. And I mean I really really struggled. I cried almost every day for at least a year. In a nutshell, I was depressed, anxious, on edge all the time. However, over the period of a couple years, I learned what it took to truly heal from something so painful. Before this experience, I was easily stressed, angry and on edge. After learning healthier ways of dealing with pain and other difficult emotions, namely, after working on myself, I am exponentially happier- I laugh HARD almost every day, I smile so much more, I feel confident in myself and my path, I am able to love again, I continue to do the work on myself and being with myself doesn’t scare or depress me. In fact, quite the opposite is true- I love the time I get to myself and cherish difficult periods in my life because I know they are leading me down the path to greater self awareness and growth.

I want to teach you these things.

In Resilience Not-So 101, I am going to take you through four steps to transform the way you see life so that you will be stronger, happier, more at peace with yourself (even if you love being around other people), less stressed, more flexible with what life throws at you, and vibrantly healthy from the inside out.

In this training you will learn the tools to:

-Feel calm and serene, even in the face of tough life situations

-Regulate your rapidly changing emotions

-Get in touch with your emotions

-Find hope about the future

-Get clear about your next steps

-Use food as the foundation to change your life, mood, and outlook from the inside out

-Channel the difficult emotions you’re experiencing into something positive and productive



This recording will give you massive insight into the causes of your stress and give you the tools to increase your emotional resilience. 

Note: Audio may be a little soft in volume on some devices. Headphones help!