Freedom &Resilience coaching

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” -Albert Einstein

What our work together will look and feel like:
Meeting twice per month for four months, no matter where we are in the world, we will look at your life with a 360° lens, ensuring we are taking steps in alignment with your deepest desires and values. We will explore the little steps you can take immediately so you can experience more peace right away. I will be there for support via email between sessions so you’re never alone on your path to wellness.

This experience is for you if you are committed to shining the light on the deeper, darker parts of yourself  in order to create change at the most profound level. You’ve already been doing the work but need expert guidance to take you to the next level.

During our time together and depending on your needs we may:
-Root through your story and how you got to this place in your life, exploring the possibilities for change and expansion.
-Look at all aspects of your health and wellbeing: your food, relationships, career, spiritual practice, home environment, etc to get the most well-rounded view of your needs for growth.
-Examine the beliefs and values you have that are either blocking you from or nudging you toward healing.
-Explore ancient yogic mind body techniques to help you expand your consciousness so you can envision a new paradigm for your life.
-Connect with your body in an entirely new way - food becomes potent medicine, allowing your body to heal itself.
-Uncover your innate resilience in the safe space of our 1:1 sessions.
-Delve into the world of natural medicines, essential oils, so you can take a tailored, toxicity-free approach to your health care.
-Re frame your perspective, allowing you to remember all the gifts you’ve been given, even if they seem impossible to find, while honoring all the struggles you’ve experienced.
-Map out your success through customized recommendations that are like a roto-rooter for your body and soul, yet easy to integrate.