"Before working with Jenna, I was struggling to achieve the goals I had in life. I felt directionless and struggled with confidence among other things and didn't feel I was where I could be with my health and wellbeing. I went into working with Jenna with the expectation that we were just going to work on my food and physical health. But it turned out to be so much deeper than that. We looked at every aspect of my life from every angle and she guided me and was with me the whole way. We got to the roots of what my struggles were and dove deep to shift those old wounds and dynamics. Jenna is a present, mindful listener and her presence in my life helped me immensely. I feel so much more confident, on purpose and I have clear goals and intentions for my life that I work towards every day. I NEVER thought I could feel as strong and confident as I do now. I would recommend Jenna to anyone." -G. Luna, Salt Lake City, UT


"I went into my session with Jenna thinking this would be like any other initial consult: a series of important health related questions to get a better understanding of me physically, mixed in with a few questions meant to understand where I was at mentally and emotionally.  What happened though was not so formulaic or sterile.  In the span of only 30 minutes Jenna had created a safe enough space for me to move from my head and into my heart. The process was seamless, full of light, raw, emotional, and beautiful.  It has been some time now since our work together and I still carry her words with me as they have been a powerful tool for me on a number of occasions." -W. Hargraves, Alpena, MI



"Before working with Jenna, I really struggled to speak my truth, had trouble connecting to my feelings, lacked clarity about my life and what I needed and struggled to hold healthy boundaries. Having her as a rock while going through deep emotional learning was invaluable and I am a better person for it. I feel like I am now a "relationship warrior" woman. After working with Jenna, I feel confident to speak my truth, I listen to my body and trust my intuition. Jenna helped me really learn to open up, and truly accept myself and my emotions. She has helped me in so many more ways and I am enjoying finding the big treasures in life now that I am so much more aware of my body, mind, and spirit." - Stephanie, Salt Lake City, UT

"Through working with Jenna, the biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been leaning out and toning up my body.  I was able to abolish sugar cravings due to knowledge that she taught me and the concepts I learned really changed the way I think about food. The most significant overall change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my attitude. I believe I met Jenna at a time in my life when I needed to – it was definitely not by chance. She taught me really great skills such as determining if I believe something with my head AND my heart, non attachment, and helped me break unhealthy patterns such as comparing myself to other women and feeling guilty when I ate certain things. I drastically improved my relationship with myself and therefore with others. Jenna is empathetic, passionate about helping people, compassionate, relatable, knowledgeable, and charismatic. I believe her program is amazingly helpful but it takes work. If you want to make a change in your life and are willing to work together with Jenna to do it, then this is the program for you!" -D. Ellis, Salt Lake City, UT


“Having Jenna as your resilience and wellness coach is the BEST thing you can do for your health. Her care and motivation helped me get to the deepest roots of my struggles, allowing me to transform my life from one of lackluster productivity and low energy to reduced cravings, natural energy, a healthy diet that fueled me in my passions and a focus on my true purpose in life. Her intelligence coupled with her adventurous spirit makes sessions informative and fun. I loved working with Jenna – she really walks her walk and helps her clients do the same!” -C. Vandelac, St. Paul, Minnesota


"Before working with Jenna, I was always trying to accomplish all these things but to no avail or at least very little lasting change was made on my own. Through our work together, I got connected to my center, which then allowed me to accomplish so much more than I could have without her. She helped me understand that when you are connected to the core of who you are and love yourself more (which I also learned to do by working with her), I started to function at my best in all aspects of my life. One side effect of connecting with my core was that I’ve slimmed down and my body image has greatly improved! Jenna helped me take a step back to work from within rather than just diving into all these “resolutions.” I went from talking the talk to walking the walk by examining the things that were holding me back. I thought I had all the answers before working with Jenna but I knew at some level I didn’t. Now, I have so much more peace and acceptance around life and I know, going forward how to access all the answers I hold within myself." -M. Bergeron, Vermont


“Jenna Pacelli is truly gifted at what she does. She is an expert in the field of wellness and holistic health. She helped guide my attention to areas of my life that I needed to look at in order to be my healthiest, most creative, passionate and productive self. She helped me improve my overall mood, energy, productivity, peace and wellness. Her philosophy is that a healthy body and mind is the first step for empowerment in finding and pursuing one’s purpose in life. Participating in any aspect of Jenna’s holistic health program is an invaluable gift to yourself as you make a life-long investment in your health.” -B. Henricks, Pasadena CA


Jenna’s work has had a profound impact on me.  She was so thoughtful and clear in how the program would work, and after we started, she was there with me step-by-step. Now, I have never felt lighter, healthier and had more energy. It’s been the highlight of my year so far! Given my eating habits prior to working with Jenna, I was concerned about what I couldn’t have.  But the reality was, with Jenna’s fun and helpful shopping lists and recipes, I actually loved the new foods I was eating.  Now I juice every morning, eat healthfully and mindfully, and really taste and enjoy my food.  It isn’t about what I was lacking, it is all about the new foods and habits which are part of my daily life! One of the best parts of working with Jenna was the support that was all around me. I do believe that our bodies are our temples, and with Jenna’s experience and guidance, I am now treating mine like it’s solid gold.  I would recommend working with her to anyone! S. Simon, Cleveland, OH. 


"AMAZING program! Jenna is resourceful and encouraging. She helped me have so much more energy, really think about what I was putting into my body, and find a deeper appreciation for my life and my body. She helped me take baby steps towards my goals so the results would last, and while at the time they seemed small and simple, over the longer term they've had a HUGE impact on my life! Now I am so connected to my body and the best parts of myself! If you want to bring out the best parts of yourself, work with Jenna!" -C. Uribe, San Francisco, CA. 


"Upon beginning to work with Jenna, I had low energy, wanted to eat better and get back into an exercise routine. We accomplished so much more than that!! Not only do I have more energy, am less stressed and much more aware of what I'm putting into my body, I was able to discuss some of my deepest questions about life with Jenna. She is all at once a positive, happy, caring yogi and a coach that can help you find meaning, purpose and direction in your life. She created a personalized program just for me. If you're looking to change your life for the better, with the support of someone who has so much worldly experience and a positive attitude, Jenna is the person for you!" -Terry, San Francisco. 


"Jenna Pacelli has a gift. I initially met Jenna through my yoga studio. I attended a workshop of hers that included yoga and some insight on food and nutrition. I decided to proceed forward and work with her one on one over the past few months. I have worked in the medical field for the past thirteen years. Jenna taught me to truly listen to my body going beyond science.  Our bodies are amazing and will heal themselves. I learned through Jenna with the right nourishment I would be on a healing path.  I was very fortunate to create a space with her that I was able to be vulnerable and emotional. She really helped me to see food as nourishment and listen to my body. I feel like I have learned to slow down and just be. She has helped me to be extremely mindful in my eating. I learned about "crowding out" which helped me immensely with my sugar cravings. I am so happy to have her to guide me along. I have learned so much from her. She has helped me be accountable and come to serious self realizations. She is very calming and has a great deal of knowledge. She has gone above and beyond to help me along my way. I have also discovered by nourishing my body through food the rest of life seems less chaotic. Thank you so much Jenna!"  -S. Burke, San Francisco, CA.