iTovi and the full moon

Sometimes we receive messages from sources we weren't expecting- it doesn't matter where they come from but that we are open enough to receiving the fullness of the teaching in that moment.
A few things happened this morning and today that were incredibly powerful, synchronistic and eye-opening. This morning, I woke up to watch the blood/blue/eclipse moon or whatever it was. Got all bundled up, sat out in the backyard, brought all my crystals and crystal malas outside with me so they could be cleansed in the moonlight and I could hear the ocean from my backyard. I live a few blocks from the ocean but usually you can’t hear it like that. It was ROARING. Then, I had calls for my business and team all morning and on one of them, we had a diamond leader join us - she helped me use my iTovi scanner (a health scanner that detects imbalances in your body and determines the best suggestions for your body to bring it back into balance) for the first time and it was incredible. I scanned myself and sent her the results - what the scanner found was exactly in alignment with what I’ve been experiencing not only physically but more deeply, emotionally and spiritually. I have been feeling more negative and down than usual, struggling to reconnect to myself and have known for some time now that I needed to desperately reconnect with my feminine energy, spiritual practice and asana practice (one in the same really).

The scan, when we read about the oils I needed from the emotional standpoint, directly addressed the things I ENERGETICALLY have been feeling but haven’t been able to express or put my finger on (and coming from a therapist who thinks about these things literally all the time, that’s saying something). Just from this tiny yet powerful little scanner!! It combines bioimpedence, pressure sensor, temperature and bluetooth to generate personalized wellness evaluations. I was blown away and upon reading more about it, I learned that every biological being has a unique energy signature that can be read and compared to a library of normal body responses. It then matches the readings from each person’s scan against their bio-marker library (library of normal body responses). The scanner pointed me toward some oils and when we looked at the emotional benefits of those oils (I also needed them physically), the lessons were exactly what I needed to hear but hadn’t been able to figure out for myself yet. I’ll share a few with you here...

1. DigestZen: The digestive blend - I need this physically but also emotionally. Digestive blend teaches that I have been taking on too much (a pattern for me) and that this overload of information and stimulation can lead to an emotional form of indigestion where the person can lose their appetite for food, life, and the physical world in general - this has been my experience for the past year and a half with regards to San Francisco and feeling like I couldn’t really fully be present here. It has been deeply troublesome to feel like maybe this wasn’t the right place for me (and it might be true, it might not but regardless), and to struggle in my relationship with this place that I live.  

2. Sandalwood: the oil of sacred devotion: assists with prayer, meditation and spiritual development. It teaches reverence and respect for the Divine and has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart and prepare the spirit to commune with God. It invites individuals to place all material attachments on the altar of sacrifice so that  they may truly progress spiritually (I’ve been having a hard time dealing with wanting to shop and buy random stuff I really don’t need) and assists in quieting the mind so that individuals may hear the subtle voice of Spirit. I’ve known that I have been disconnected from Source in many ways but struggled to reconnect. Sandalwood- where are you!? Oh no! I need to order some...

3. There were others but the third teaching was from the Women’s Blend (whisper): helps soften the overly masculine (can appear in any gender) by getting in touch with their feminine side. It encourages us to let down our tough exterior and when placed over the liver can ease feelings of anger (I’ve been experiencing anger a lot lately, even rage). It also helps us heal our relationship with the feminine- our mothers, grandmothers, and other women (this has been an internal struggle for me of late- both with other women and my own mother). It also helps us work with and reconnect with our sexuality.

These two moments today blew me away- I am in awe that this tiny little scanner could tell me so much about myself. I am also in awe of the deeper teachings of these beautiful, medicinal,  therapeutic grade essential oils and how they are relating to my life in so much more than simply a physical way. That I could connect with the full moon early this morning and feel so connected to the Divine feminine energy of her pull on us and the ocean (so loud!). I have been hunkered down in a very masculine, driven mode in my life for the past 2-3 years and this was an enormous and beautiful wake up call and one I am deeply grateful for. I am scheduling iTovi scans for those of you who are on my doTERRA team- you should have already received a text from me about it- please respond there and sign up in the link I sent you. If you have been wanting to learn more about essential oils, please visit my website to find my schedule for classes and DM me to RSVP and we can get you all scanned and set up with the safest, most effective essential oils that exist today.

Love and blessings.

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