It's BOGO Week!

Hi there! I love getting the best oils in the world for free- do you?
It’s BOGO week this week in doTERRA!

What does this mean and how does it work?

Every day this week, there is a 24-hour buy one, get one free deal through doTERRA. Each deal is announced at midnight Mountain time (11 pm Pacific) the night before. To see what the deal is each day, head over to doTERRA's instagram, my instagram stories and my free online essential oil education community. For detailed instructions, please click here. FAQ here.

The best way to order your BOGO deal is through the Loyalty Rewards program as you will get your shipping back in free product credit.

Another great way to order your bogos every day is in a group. Let’s say you live in New York City and you have some friends who have their own accounts and also live in NYC. Get together, check the deals on doTERRA’s facebook or instagram page, and have one person order it for everyone, saving everyone the money on shipping.

Your group can connect daily and figure out how many you’d like to order. As I don’t live in San Francisco anymore, I will not be ordering for people in the area nor delivering oils but I will help groups coordinate if you need that. If you are personally enrolled to me, I’ll also be sending you a daily text on each deal unless you tell me not to. If you would like to join a group, please fill out this quick google form and I will connect you with others in your area.

If you aren’t yet enrolled in doTERRA, now is an amazing time! Through the end of the month, when you enroll with an enrollment kit of 100 points (about $100) or more, you’ll get 50 points free, plus I’ll GIVE you 50 of my points to use the next month. Basically, you’ll get $100 in free product when you enroll before the end of November. Head over here for instructions on enrolling. 

Do you have other questions about the BOGOs or enrolling in a wholesale account? Still not totally sure if it’s for you? No worries, just reply to this email and I would be happy to help you figure out if oils are right for you. If you’re curious how these oils work and why I and about six million other people rave about them, click here for a free online class I taught a bit ago.

Committed to your health and wellbeing,

For more detailed instructions:

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