The Importance of Intention

"Do nothing which is of no use" -Miyamoto Musashi

Inspiration for strength and resilience today: Be intentional in word, deed and thought. Everything we do and think creates a resonance and frequency that determines the level at which we vibrate. When we learn to be intentional in everything we do, we start to create an intentional life. We become the co-creators of our lives and the Universe supports us in our growth and evolution.

Wherever we focus our mind is where our blood and prana or life energy follow- whatever we concentrate on GROWS! This gives us immense power over our lives, at least in the process. If we can let go of attachment to the outcome and surrender to what is but thoroughly enjoy and work hard in the process of whatever it is we're doing, we are capable of incredible things! What is one thing you can do to be more intentional today? What are you co-creating in your life today? Comment below and let us know!