How to Move Forward

In this video I talk about how health and healing are a choice. We must choose on a day to day basis that we are going to get better, feel better, do better. This does NOT mean that we necessarily will achieve the outcome we were hoping for. For example, just because you choose to heal from cancer doesn't mean you necessarily will. We do have to let go of attachment to the outcome. And at the same time, if we say "Today, I am going to do everything I can to help my body heal from cancer" and we choose that every day, then we might be surprised with what could happen. Or if we are struggling with depression, we can try our best in the day to day to fight for happiness. This process of choosing something every day is the goal itself! 

And sometimes, we have to choose to just take the next step forward. To choose to allow ourselves to be happy again or forgive ourselves or just decide we're going to heal. 

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